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SAPPHIRE TRAVELS – Associate Service Provider           

  • Sapphire Travels, established in June 2007, Dubai, UAE
  • Catering to a seamless visa process for UAE visitors
  • Experience and witness a rich Arab culture
  • Hassle free process with safe cryptocurrency transactions
  • ...
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HEDON - The Payment System You Trust

HEDON - The payment system you trust

Yaahub is pleased to inform that Hedon is a new digital currency designed to provide payments in and out of the payment system that will create and that will bear the same name [Hedon Online]. Based on a modern, secure and fast algorithm, with anonymity provided by the Masternodes and the Zerocash protocol, with an elegant way of retargeting the difficulty and large block size to ensure a sufficient number of tr...

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PDATA - Revolutionizing Brokerage of Personal Data


The PDATA token ecosystem is the first Ethereum blockchain based marketplace for secure and transparent buying and selling of consumer data. Opiria-Platform enables consumers to earn money by selling their data. Companies can buy data directly from consumers and compensate them with PDATA tokens. PDATA token is the currency that expresses the value of personal data.
It creates PDATA token to M...

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EINSTEINIUM - Building the Future with the Future of Currency


Yaahub wishes to inform about The Einsteinium Foundation, which has a mission to raise funds for scientific research. Its mining tax creates a pool of funds that provide grants to deserving applicants. Recently it integrated crowdfunding into the process to likely enable the grant beneficiary to receive more funds than it could immediately supply. This enables it to market the project, i...

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CRYPTOMONSOON - Pioneer in Blockchain Advertisement


Yaahub informs that Cryptomonsoon is the best place for advertisers to promote their product and get targeted traffic exposure. Online advertisement has today crossed 50% of the total world Advertisement spending and it is likely to increase up to 70% till 2020. Blockchain advertisement has seen a huge surge in 2017-2018. A lot of projects have been successful in the last few years.


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CRYPTONITY - The Crypto Community Exchange

CRYPTONITY - The Crypto Community Exchange

Yaahub informs about Cryptonity - the Crypto Community Exchange. Cryptonity is the combination of two words: Crypto and Community. Simple but strong and meaningful, the goal of Cryptonity Exchange is to be an exchange that is respected by the Cryptocurrency Community. It aims to provide the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform in the market.

Some o...

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PakCoin - Pakistan's Crypto Currency

PakCoin - Pakistan's Crypto Currency
Yaahub wishes to inform that Pakcoin is Pakistan's Premier Digital Currency. You are most welcome regardless of your nationality if you have interest in PakCoin. It is based on Litecoin scrypt hash algo. Pakcoin has had the first stable release of Pakcoin Wallets, Linux and Windows, after testing it thoroughly on different systems. Mac Wallet will be released soon.

PakCoin can be easily and instantly purchased through the E...

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Yaahub - We are Hiring !!!

What do  Yaahub wants to see when they review from candidates for employment?

Answer the questions asked, not the questions you wish were asked. Yaahub want to know you can do the job required, so they ask specific questions. An  Online Interview is a faster way for us to screen seekers than traditional applications, so don't give us a reason to delete yours.

Show creativity. In your responses, relate an experience that demonstrat...

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Yaahub Exchange Financial Freedom

Say goodbye to your boring 9-5 job and hello to your new career! This quiz will find the best job for you (based on your passions and personality)!What we are doing is going to impact the Cryptocurrency profession in a major way.There are ways Yaahub Team can help you get your career started in 5 minutes out of our services and products, please connect with us as we are right people. to provide you financial freedom forever.

Please Click on this Link and get your J...

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Yaahub Exchange : Listing of coins

Listing of coins in Exchange is extremely important in order to get and explore the proper demand and supply of the coin . In Yaahub Exchange we give the opportunity to Token or Coins owner to list our coin in our exchange and they can get optimum result in the demand of the coin. 

You can click on the link as mentioned below or contact us on support@yaahub.com for further queries or suggestions in order to list the coins

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Yaahub Exchange - News Channel & Review for ICO Projects

Yaahub Exchange : A Crypto News Channel :

Watch Video and explore our Website with privilged opportunites.. 

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