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QUSD - Low-Volatility Stablecoin

QUSD - Low-Volatility Stablecoin "QUSD token"

Yaahub informs that QUSD claims it is the future of cryptocurrencies, with a unique management approach involving providing real-time liquidity and game-changing research and development. QUSD has already become a major player in the cryptocurrency field, attracting investors worldwide and proving that combining great technology with a sophisticated team results in financial success.

QUSD is a stablecoin, meaning that it is never supposed to change significantly in value. This is thanks to coins always only being sold at a certain amount, which motivates buyers to not sell for less.

QUSD’s goal is to be the premiere low-volatility coin traded on the ERC20 smart contract protocol. Built on top of the Ethereum layer, QUSD can be traded efficiently and safely.


Its Salient Features are:


Targeted low volatility, low latency transaction speeds, and a trusted team provides for an optimal solution.


QUSD has good trading volume and is trading at a solid market capitalization valuation in excess of USD $3 billion.


QUSD is used worldwide for private transfers for real-world assets and as a viable payment option.


Please visit the current website of QUSD: https://qusd.co.uk/

Source Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5106484.0

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