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HEDON - The Payment System You Trust

HEDON - The payment system you trust

Yaahub is pleased to inform that Hedon is a new digital currency designed to provide payments in and out of the payment system that will create and that will bear the same name [Hedon Online]. Based on a modern, secure and fast algorithm, with anonymity provided by the Masternodes and the Zerocash protocol, with an elegant way of retargeting the difficulty and large block size to ensure a sufficient number of transactions Yaahub believes that Hedon will take its place among the modern recent digital payments.

Features of HEDON

Algo - x16R: Presently the most secure algorithm, combination of Eho, Fugue, Cost, Skein and Jh.Cubehash. Its use is easy and the energy consumption is relatively low compared to the algorithms most commonly used in cryptoworld - Dagger, Equihash, Skein, Scrypt.

Masternodes: Providing stability, masternodes are there to help with the fast and secure payments on the Hedon blockchain. Working together, they strenghten the network while rewarding Hedon's supporters.

Zerocash: Working as a sidechain, zerocash protocol gives every Hedon holder the ability to send and receive coins without a trace.

Smart Contracts: Providing easy implementation and rapid deployment, automation of business and financial processes has never been easier.

Payment platform: Hedononline will be a fresh option for payments. Backed by Hedon , this platform will offer some great advantages for users, investors and merchants. Low transaction fees, volume discounts and later currency exchange are some of the Features we are focused on.

Asset management: We plan to offer investment services combining traditional payment with the more modern, fast and secure method provided by blockchain technology. But this at a much later stage of our development.

Please visit the current website of Hedon: https://www.hedon.io/

Source Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5106142.0

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