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Fly Board Tour - 30 mins

Tour Overview

Fly board Dubai is the new extreme watersport and most exciting experience on the water ever that became famous all around the world. Fly board Dubai is a board like a wakeboard one brightens up with two pipes which, linked to a Jetski turbine with an 18 meters pipe, allows its user to highs up to 10 meters from the water. The board orientation is made by the board inclination. The height that can be reached is around 10 meters maximum.

Fly board Dubai is a new activity in Dubai and a very unique experience on the water.  With the Fly board Dubai, fly like Ironman above the water, swim like a dolphin and have fun doing tricks like backflips!

If it is your first time on the Fly board, our experienced instructors will give you the best tips to fly as soon as possible. Fly with the fly board in Dubai is not complicated at all. Once you fly, it is very easy to turn, dive, and try some tricks. Actually, you only need balance and confidence. If you don’t know if you have it or no, don’t worry, your instructor will help you enjoy the Fly board.


  • 30 minutes of Fly Board Tour
  • Life Jackets
  • Trainer Teach you the lessons

Important Notes

  1. Clothes: Bring athletic and comfortable clothes. Wear sneakers/sport shoes, no Sandals or Boots, no shoes with heals.
  2. Beach wears with a life jacket
  3. Time:- Plan to spend at least 30 Mins before the experience.
  4. Weather: if the conditions are not perfect or rainy, your experience may take a little longer.
  5. Maximum Passengers: 1 Person
  6. Crew: 2
  7. Equipped with Life Jackets & Navigation System
  8. Under 18 years Old is not allowed (As Per Dubai Authorities)
  9. This tour doesn't include transfers, the best and cheapest way to reach is through public transportation, ie; (Taxis, Metro etc.) or you can book private transfers from our website in transportation section or Contact With our Reservation Dept…

Booking Terms


Cancellation more than 7 calendar days


No cancellation fee

Cancellation between 6 and 4 calendar days


50% cancellation fee

Cancellation within 3 calendar days


100% cancellation fee (no refund)

Cancellation the day of service or after


100% cancellation fee (no refund)